Monday, March 12, 2007

Preparing to Come Home

Since having his feeding tube removed, Diego continues to eat well and is gaining weight. We are now starting to feel like he will be coming home soon. It is a wonderful feeling! These last 7 days have been an exhausting and frustrating experience and all we want to do is take our baby home! Before we can do that we need to spend a night in the 'Rooming-In' room. This is a room just outside the NICU where babies can stay overnight with their parents. We will stay there 1 night keeping a log of Diego's feedings, potties and body temperature. This is the last major test before taking him home. If we show that Diego can eat and gain weight while under our care he will most likely be released the following day. So tonight at 7:30 pm we will move into the Rooming-In room and spend our first night together as a family.

Earlier today Diego passed his 'Car Seat' study with flying colors. It was a test to see if he can remain in his car seat for the duration of the ride home without experiencing breathing problems. It was all done in the NICU where the nurse strapped him in and put an oxygen lead on his foot. He slept the whole time without the slightest problem :)

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