Monday, March 2, 2009

Recovery at Home

Diego was discharged from the hospital on 2/20 and is now recovering at home. He is completely off pain meds and is adjusting to life in a spica cast. Overall he is doing very well. Much better than we expected. As long as we keep him comfortable and entertained, life is good. That means regularly changing his position and watching a lot of animated movies. The biggest problem is with positioning. He hates being on his stomach and doesn't like riding in his wagon. Rocky, our dog, loved the wagon ride. Most of the time Diego is on his back, side or prop'd up on his toy car. The toy car idea came from Dad. Adding his walker and tray it gives him a surface to eat on and play with toys.

On March 6th we go back to Dallas to see how the hip is healing. We hope for the best. Check back here for results!