Monday, July 7, 2008

Diego goes back to Italy!

On June 6th the family flew to Italy for a 2 week vacation. This was Diego's second visit to Italy. His first was spent entirely in Milan visiting family. For his second trip we planned to stay at our home in Brugnetto which is 4 hrs from Milan on the eastern coast. Diego spent a lot of time with his grandparents and we got a chance to relax. We hit the beach, ate, toured the area, ate, visted friends, ate, and ate, and ate. So much eating! We couldn't help ourselves! The food was so good!

Overall it was a wonderful trip. We especially enjoyed seeing Diego intereact with his grand parents. They love him very much and are always eager to show him off to their friends. When it was time to leave there were plenty of tears. It is always hard to go but it was good to be home again. Here are a few of the 695 photos we shot.