Friday, March 9, 2007

Discharge Day for Romina

Today Romina was cleared for discharge. Unfortunately Diego will remain in NICU until he is able to drink 50ml of milk every 3 hours for 2 days in a row. There are exceptions to the rule but that is the norm. Although Romina will be officially discharged this afternoon, we are keeping the hospital room to remain near Diego. The room was provided to us thru Seton's Nesting program. It is a service that provides rooms to Parents with children in NICU. It is dependent on space so if the Labor & Delivery area fills up we will have to leave. Our other option is to stay across the street at the 'League House'. It is similar to Nesting but is off campus and charges a small fee of $15 per night.

Earlier today Diego had his blood drawn for another genetic test. This one is called Fish-22. It is a marker that checks for his ability to metabolize calcium. Good results are expected. They just want to make sure and check for everything. The doctors and nurses here at Seton have been really wonderful! We really appreciate their professionalism and the excellent care they are providing to Diego.

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