Thursday, March 8, 2007

MRI Results & Orthopedic Treatment Begins

Good news! Today we received the unofficial results of the MRI scan. It was considered unofficial because it was presented verbally and not yet written up by the Neurologist. The scan did not show any brain or nervous system abnormalities. That was a huge relief to hear because doctors were concerned that his brain or nervous system was unable to communicate to his muscles. These results mean Diego is 100% mentally intact. He just has a few twisted limbs ;) Speaking of which, he received the first soft cast on his right leg. Eventually both legs will go thru weekly cast changes but for now they are concentrating on the one that needs the most work. Later additional work will be done to straighten his hands and arms.

This evening Diego drank nearly 50 ml of milk thru a bottle! That's 45 ml more than yesterday! We are praying he will continue to make good progress so he can go home when Mama is discharged on Friday. We are so proud of our little Diego!

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