Sunday, April 8, 2007

Prayers Heal the Heart

On April 6th we took Diego to see his cardiologist, Dr. Patt. Diego first met the doctor while in NICU. It was there following an echocardiogram that he was diagnosed with VSD. At that time a decision was made to wait 4 weeks to allow his heart to mature. We would then perform another heart scan to determine how to proceed with treatment. Until then any surgeries to correct his limb contractures would have to wait so this particular visit was very important to us.

The meeting with Dr. Patt began with a summary of what he found in the earlier scan. It was during that meeting that Dad asked if the hole in Diego's heart could close on it's own. According to Dr. Patt, holes in this location do not typically close on their own and require surgery. Shortly after our initial visit, we moved to the ultrasound room for his echocardiogram. The procedure lasted about 20 minutes during which Mom helped to keep Diego calm while Dad looked over the radiologist's shoulder. Having seen countless heart scans up to this point, Dad knew where to look to find the hole. However this time he was having trouble locating it. He asked the tech where it was but did not get a response. He figured the tech did not hear the question and decided not to bother him any further. Following the procedure we moved back to the exam room to wait for Dr. Patt's review of the results. It seemed like forever before he finally showed up with the news. Diego's heart had healed on it's own!! His VSD was gone!!

We feel truly blessed that our prayers and those of friends and family have been answered. Now we can prepare for our visit to Scottish Rite and focus on his orthopedic treatment.

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Lucas said...

Glad to hear that heart surgery won't be required. That's great news.