Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Knee Ultrasound Day

Today Diego had his left knee ultrasound performed at Dell Imaging center at Austin's Children Hospital. His Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Prince, met us at the clinic to view the results. Earlier that morning we removed his soft cast while at home. Being a soft cast it came off pretty easy. We just unraveled it like you would a roll of tape. Only in this case it is 2 inches wide and looks like burlap. The results showed his knee is in a good position to continue casting but we decided to leave the cast off until he meets with the doctors at Scottish Rite Hospital. We will decide how to proceed following their evaluation.
The day before Diego met with Cindy his physical therapist. It was his first full session with her. Together they worked on the stability ball and did various stretching exercises. We learned a lot and will be working with him everyday at home.

We are all set for his trip to Dallas. We reserved a hotel near the hospital and will be staying for two nights. While in Dallas he will meet his grandmother for the first time (Dad's mom). She will accompany us back to Austin and will care for Diego during the day when mom goes back to work.

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