Thursday, September 3, 2009

Surgery Update

The day of surgery we arrived at the hospital at 7am. Our room was assigned to us the day before so all we just had to settle in. Diego was in good spirits.
From Surgery 9/2/2009

At aproximately 9:30 we moved from our room down to the surgery holding area. Several of the OR nurses stopped by to say hi. They remembered him from his last surgery in Feb of this year.

Diego was given an oral sedative shortly before his move into OR. They call it 'goofy juice'. Five minutes later he was visibily goofy :) He smiled a lot and kept kissing mommy and daddy.

At 11am it was turnover time. Mom placed Diego into the nurse's arms and we watched her dissappear into OR. Always a tough moment for us.

We were given a pager and told they would call us half-way thru the procedure for an update. The surgery was scheduled for three hrs. Two hours later they called to let us know he was doing fine. Then shortly after 3pm, we were called down to Recovery. As we approached his bed we could see he was half awake and quietly looking around. He immediately started crying when he saw mom. She worked her mom magic to keep him calm. We stayed in Recovery for about 20 minutes then moved to his room where he slepted for another 2 hrs. When he woke up he was pretty hungry. He had a good meal and didn't get sick which was a good sign.
From Surgery 9/2/2009

If all goes well, he should be out of the hospital tomorrow (Thursday). We'll post and update when we know for sure. Here are a few photos:


The Reeves bunch said...

So glad that everything went ok. What a trooper! I hope you guys get to come home soon.

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that everything went great.We know that God is with yall taking care of yall every step of the way. We love you guys..and we are really excited that yall will be comming home soon. God bless yall, and see you soon. give a big kiss to diego from us.

Gutierrez Family. :o)