Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming Home

As expected Diego was discharged from the hospital this morning. We could tell he was happy to be leaving.
From Coming Home 9/3/2009

He didn't sleep well thru the night but that was to be expected. It's hard to sleep when attached to monitors. Especially when they throw alarms every 10 minutes. For pain control we were given a prescription of Tylenol w/codeine. Daddy has to administer the drug because it's a big fight every time.

Diego spent most of the day napping and watching cartoons. He ate one good meal at lunch then lost his appetite. We even took him out for pizza and he was not interested. As of this writing he is up watching Madagascar 2 and it's way past his bedtime. Oh well, we are just happy to have him home safe.
From Coming Home 9/3/2009

We want to thank everyone back home for their kind words and support. Also want to thank the wonderful staff at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. So far you have given our son feet to walk on, a hip to stand on and new hands for work and play. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Never have we met such caring medical personnel.
From Coming Home 9/3/2009

We plan to stay in Dallas into the weekend and return to Austin on Sunday. It will feel good to finally be home.

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