Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend of Fun

Diego has been fully admitted and assigned room #309. His surgery isn't until monday morning so we were given the option of staying in the room or taking him out for the weekend. Of course we wanted to take him out and have some fun before the big day.

On Friday evening we met our friend Nicoletta for dinner at Chuys.

On Saturday we went to Slappy's Playhouse located in the Dallas Galleria. Diego enjoyed the show but got bored before it finished so we left early and walked around the mall. A short time later we met with the White Family, Brian and Cara along with their son Caden and his sister Cori. Caden is a few months older than Diego and is also receiving treatment for AMC. Together we had a nice dinner at Mi Cocina. After dinner we went to the top level of the Galleria to a large play area. There were dozens of kids running, jumping and Diego and Caden were right in the thick of it!

On Sunday we got up early and drove to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It was a little cold but the weather warmed up by mid afternoon. Diego enjoyed looking at all the animals. He especially had a lot to say to the flamingos. We also visited the petting zoo where he saw a pig up close and got a chance to pet a chicken. We stayed for 6 hrs to see as much as possible. Afterwards we drove back to Dallas to have dinner at Medieval Times. Unfortunately the show was sold out. Instead, we went back to the condo to relax and prepare for monday morning. Oh by the way, today was Romina's birthday. Happy birthday Mama!

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