Monday, February 16, 2009

Surgery Day 4

We want to apologize for not updating the blog following Diego's surgery. Our time has been consumed with taking care of Diego and trying to work remotely from Dallas. We want everyone to know that his surgery went well and he is doing fine. The procedure took just over 4 hrs. He was on an epidural to manage pain for the first couple days. On Wed it was removed and he was placed on oral pain meds. As of today he is completely off electronic monitors and his IV has been removed. His apetite is slowly increasing but far from normal. If he continues to improve, he could be discharged on Friday morning. If that happens we'll most likely stay in Dallas another day before heading back home to Austin.

We want to thank everyone for keeping Diego in your prayers and for supporting us thru his recovery. Our family is truly blessed to have such good friends.

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Suzanne said...

Hope Diego is recovering well! Haley just got out of her spica at the end of the year and is now in rehab. She had an open reduction & femural osteotomy as well. Mason will be having the same next winter. Hang in there! If there is anything I can help with in regards to questions or ideas in the spica let me

Suzanne Rudder