Thursday, February 7, 2008

Surgery Day 2

Diego is recovering a lot faster than doctors expected, his appetite is slowly returning, and he takes all meds by mouth. If he keeps up the good work he may get discharged on Friday. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

This afternoon he smiled for the first time since he went into surgery. Anyone that has spent time with Diego knows he loves to smile so it was a good indication that he is feeling better. He even allowed Mom and Dad to load him into a wagon and pull him around the 3rd floor. It gave him a chance to get out of bed and see other kids. It was a blast for us. We think Diego had fun too despite having a pissed off look the entire time.This evening the parents of Cayden (one of Diego's buddies) called to say they were stopping by for a visit. Cayden also has Arthrogryposis and is being treated at Scottish Rite. They stopped by at 7 pm with dinner for Mom and Dad :) They watched Diego while we ate together in the break room. Afterwards Cayden joined Diego in his crib for some social time. Diego was so happy to have company. Later, we took a few pictures of the boys together. By this time Diego was ready for bed so he didn't smile much.

We want to send a special thanks to Cayden's parents, Brian and Cara. Thank you so much for dinner and bringing Cayden to brighten Diego's day. We hope to see you again in Austin in a couple weeks.

*special note: There are times we feel especially down about Diego's condition. Being here in the hospital helps put things in perspective. Tonight we saw a young girl alone in a room. We waved at her and asked if Diego could pay a visit. She answered "yes" with a big smile. She told us her name is Leti. She is 15 and lives in Dallas. She has been in the hospital for 7 months and has 2 more to go. We were floored! Leti helped us realize how lucky we really are.

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Familia Gutierrez said...

Hi Romina, Joseph and Diego!!
We are really glad to hear that Diego is doing well! We know that God is answering prayers. We think about him daily and we miss him very much (as well as you guys :) ) We hope to see you three soon!!
My mom is a little sick again, but it makes her real happy when she hears good news about diego :)!
Take care and give Diego a kiss from all of us!!
God Bless You!

Familia Gutierrez