Friday, February 8, 2008

Discharge Day for Diego!

We are very happy to report that Diego has been discharged from the hospital! A full 2 days ahead of schedule! We are so proud of our lil boy!

Before leaving his leg casts were covered with a final soft cast wrap. It was done to provide strength to the primary cast which was split to account for swelling.

Also today a very special package was delivered to Diego's room. With the package was a beautiful card sent from "Diego's friends at Dell GSC and FP". We helped Diego open the gift to find the cutest little story book shaggy dog. It's a combination stuffed dog and story book. We want you to know that Diego loved the gift. Thank you so much!

Now at home we are finding there are new challenges brought on by Diego's casts. He now feels 10 lbs heavier, the casts are so bulky he barely fits in his car seat, and there are only a couple positions where he feels comfortable. He also knows how to wield his arm cast so you have to be on your toes when carrying him or risk losing a tooth.

This evening Diego had a very special guest stop by for a visit. It was Dad's longtime friend, Miguel "Ski" Abreu. Ski and Dad were stationed at Ft. Hood together during the late 80s'. We last saw Ski when Romina was 7 months pregnant. Diego is now 11 months old so this visit was way overdue. We all had a great time playing with Diego and reminiscing about old times.
We plan on remaining in Dallas for 1 more day and expect to be back home on Sunday. It will feel good to finally get our baby boy home :)

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