Friday, April 16, 2010

Surgery Update: April 14th, 2010

On April 14th Diego checked into Scottish Rite Hospital for surgery. This time to remove the hardware added to his leg one year ago. The procedure went well. Dr. Birch was happy to report that although part of the bone grew around the hardware, he successfully completed the removal without complications. While under anesthesia Diego was fitted for KAFO braces. They will be ready in 4 weeks.

Diego was released from the hospital late that afternoon :) We celebrated with ice cream later that evening :)

As of Thursday night, Diego is running a fever. We hope it will go away by morning. If not, we will take him back to the hospital.

Special Message to Diego's classmates at Emerson Academy:
Thank you for all the wonderful 'get well' cards! Diego is very anxious to see all his classmates and get back to playing trucks!

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