Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The big day finally arrives! Out of the Spica!

After months of healing the big deal finally arrived. It was time to remove the spica cast and get our little boy back! Mom and Dad were in high spirits. Diego's mood was subdued. He stayed that way until it was time to remove the cast. It took about 15 minutes to make the necesarry cuts to remove the cast. Once he was out, an amazing thing happened. Diego's mood immediately changed from subdued to elated! With a huge smile on his faced he started kicking his little feet. This went on the whole day. He was also more vocal. It was amazing! He was a totally different child! A much happier little boy! We were all very happy.

Next we visited Orthodics to get Diego's leg braces. Over the past two weeks the orthodics team made braces to fit Diego's new hip. Once fitted Diego was able to support his own weight while standing (holding moms hand). It was hard to believe that after 3 months in a body cast Diego was able to stand so soon!

That evening we spent it holding our baby boy. For months all we ever felt was a hard bulky cast. Now that we could actually feel his little body it was all we wanted to do! Yes, we were very happy to have our baby back :)

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