Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ireland, Day 3

Day 3 started very early. It was Mama's first day at the Dell office. This meant Diego and Daddy would be alone all day. The boys planned to go back to King John's castle and St. Mary's Cathedral. This time with a camera in hand. So after accompanying Mama down to the lobby, we said our good-byes and she departed for the Dell office. The boys then went back to the room and had breakfast. Leaving the hotel turned out to be harder than expected. Probably due to Daddy's inexperience with preparing Diego for a day of site seeing.

It was lunchtime before the boys would make it out of the hotel. Unfortunately it was windy and pouring rain. Daddy had a hard time keeping the rain off Diego who was riding in the stroller. Most parents on the street had a plastic cover fitted over the stroller to protect their babies from rain. So the first task was to find and buy that cover. Daddy asked two sets if parents for information. The first couple responded with possibly the right information but Daddy couldn't understand a word they were saying. The second couple directed the boys to Mother Care baby store. Twenty minutes and 30 Euros later, they were back on the street. The cover worked wonderfully! Diego was dry and out of the wind.

By now the boys were hungry so it was off to the nearest restaurant. They both had a quick bite to eat (a bottle for Diego) and started towards King John's Castle. On the way they found a cool sports store and stopped to browse. Daddy came away with a very cool Limerick Sporting team polo. Once again they started for the castle. It wasn't long before Daddy stopped at another clothing store where he bought a nice sweater. With garments tucked under the stroller, the boys started for the castle once more. They had to pass the cathedral but opted to see the castle first. Finally arriving at the castle entrance, they were shocked to find the doors were locked. They were less than 5 minutes late for the last tour! They quickly turned around and headed back to the cathedral. They couldn't very well go back to the hotel without having accomplished a single tourist task. The cathedral is surrounded by a high wall with a single arched entrance. Entering the grounds, the boys made their way to the side door just passed the cemetery. There are two cemeteries, one in the front and one on the side facing the street. The cathedral was empty except for a man sitting at a small desk near the door. He was there to take our 2 Euro entrance fee. If you have never been to a European cathedral, you will no doubt be impressed with its architecture. Having been to many, Daddy was interested in its history. There is an area off the main hall where tourist can read important moments in the cathedrals history. It begins in the late 1100s and goes on to modern day Limerick.

After browsing and taking pictures, the boys headed back to the hotel. By this time the rain had stopped but it was still windy. Diego remained safe under his new cover. Back in the room Diego napped while Daddy watched the Motocross of Nations. Mama showed up at 6:15 PM with plans for the evening. We would meet other Dell folks in the lobby at 7 then head to an Indian restaurant not far from the hotel. This would be our first Indian restaurant that was not a buffet so we had a hard time figuring out what to order. We basically guessed and ended up with some good but very spicy food. After dinner we all walked back to the hotel where we parted ways in the lobby then it was back to the room. Day 3 had come to an end.

More Pics from the day:

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That baby is SO cute! Seeing those pictures makes me smile!